Roofs and shingles

  • Mounting covered in new
  • Restoration of decks
  • Roof repair
  • Mounting porches or projections
  • We work in all types of construction
  • Renovation of historic buildings covered
This is our strongest asset as a construction company. We build and install wooden and slate roofs. We use the most modern materials available, laminated fir with sandwich type panelling and top grade Class A slate which complies with French standards. We build roofs “like they used to” with round beams while meeting the demands of the client of today. On the roofs we install Velux windows and accessories, standing windows called ¨lucanas, chimneys, ventilation caps, ridge caps, roof channel connectors, snow struts, drains and spouts.

General construction

  • New construction
  • Reforms in general
  • Rehabilitation
  • Formwork
  • Waterproofing
  • General paint
Our company is a pioneer in the slate and wood roofing industry in general, although we also work in all types of general construction projects. We build new homes and buildings as well as remodels, farm houses in the mountains, cabins and other types of high mountain construction. We offer masonry services for all types of remodels including bathrooms, kitchens, garages etc. We build and install wooden balconies and we cover roof tops with wood, werzalit.

Wood structures

  • Housing structures
  • Bridges
  • Soil
  • Balconies
  • Wardens
  • Cabins
Wood is a natural, healthy and pleasant material. In Cubiertas y Pizarras Aran, SL we know how to build with it. Given the diversity of treatment in the sawing of the wood, a variety of structures can be built with this natural product ranging from round shafts to robust structures or laminated structures. Wood has diverse uses such as for roofs of all types, bridges, floors, balconies, gazebos, etc. We invite you to build with this material given that at this point in time the laminated wood is a construction material improved exceptionally well from a technical perspective.

Property maintenance

  • Annual Repair roofs
  • Isolation of moisture
  • Rectification of defects
  • Maintaining exterior wood
  • Paint Maintenance
  • Repair water leaks
Every community needs an efficient and regular maintenance program to ensure the homes are operating properly. With this objective mind we created the Property Maintenance division offering a top notch quality maintenance plan. Our maintenance service is based on the review and repair of roof tops, leaks, and the cleaning and maintenance of the drains and spouts. In the winter when the temperatures reach -15ºC we also offer an ice stalactite removal service. The ice stalactites are caused by the freezing temperatures.

Bungalow construction

  • In all sorts of areas
  • Treated wood
  • Thermal insulation
  • Double glazed windows
  • Bathroom and kitchen tiles
  • Roof with Slate
We build all types of bungalow structures on all types of terrain and surfaces. We use the best wood treated with the best products which fight against termites, wood worms; MOLIOS, etc. We also use the best insulation materials available. We build interior divisions with thermal insulation- acoustic insulation with wood, double glass windows for a perfect exterior insulation, baths and kitchens floored and walled with ceramic tiles, high quality hardwood flooring and stoneware for the floors.

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